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  • I want to advocate alongside of educators, parents, and community members to ensure state education representatives and legislators reduce the amount of standardized testing. I believe the current test framework is not a fair system and schools end up spending too much time on test-prep and testing itself. Test scores often just track socioeconomics, and there are hurdles to educating high-poverty populations.

  • Students need multiple pathways to a H.S. Diploma

Equity for ALL students

  • We have to get away from the emphasis on where a child lives. Students' zip codes shouldn’t determine what kind of education they receive or lack thereof.

  • Additional training and support tools for distance learning options. (Internet access, computer training)

  • Engagement and support services for all families

  • Reducing overcrowding in classrooms

    • Large class sizes impact ability to give attention to students, increases distractions for students, and can lead to increased anxiety and stress for students.

Progressive Curriculum

  • I want to advocate alongside of educators, parents, and community members to state education representatives and legislators to create progressive curriculums.

Curriculums that have a focus on:

  • Social-emotional learning helps children have strong social-emotional skills, and their academics improve greatly.

  • Our added focus should be to not only help the child through school, but prepare them to be good citizens and to prepare them for life.

  • Increased trade/life skilled programming opportunities (Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Home Economics, etc.)


  • Out of 109 schools (49,155) that are in our district 63 schools still need building improvements. 

    • Facility conditions can impact teacher recruitment, retainment, and commitment

      • Not being able to recruit and retain top teaching talent directly impacts the quality of education the students receive.

    • Facilities impact student engagement, behavior, and knowledge retention.

  • The district needs long-term strategic planning to identify and prioritize our building infrastructure needs. (State Aide, Grants, Capital Campaigning projects) 

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