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About Christina


Christina A. Vera was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Columbus, Ohio in the late 80's. She is the mother of three (Maritza, Julianna and Adrian), a wife (Kent), entrepreneur, and CCS alumni. She is also the daughter of two hard working Puerto Rican parents (Jimmie and Maritza), who like many families struggled with food and housing insecurities. 

Christina attended six Columbus City Schools: North Linden Elementary, Cassady Elementary, Crestview Middle School, Centennial High School, Fort Hayes Career Center, and graduated from Brookhaven High School. Throughout grade school, Christina played basketball and was a part of student council and drill team. 

For the past twelve years Christina has been working in the non-profit sector orchestrating enrichment programs, tutoring services, and life skill development opportunities for youth. Christina has worked alongside educators from several Columbus City Schools, social service agencies, and other non-profit organizations who also serve youth to provide strategic planning support, curriculum development, career exploration, high school and workforce readiness programs.

Seven years ago Christina co-founded a non-profit organization called Femergy®. Femergy® strives to equip girls and women with the necessary tools to navigate and soar through gender, economic, and social barriers so that they can grow up healthy, educated, and independent. Femergy® programs help girls & women explore and celebrate their strengths, their voices, who they are today, and whom they will become in the future. She has had the honor of serving thousands of girls, women, and their families.

Christina serves as an Advisory Council Member at Otterbein University through the Women's Leadership Network. Fighting for equity for girls and women is at Christina's core. She is an alumni of Project Diversity Cycle 20, the Latina Mentoring Academy Cycle 1, LEAD Ohio Program, Ready to Run, and John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University. In addition, Christina is a member of the National Association of Realtors® and the Columbus Board of Realtors®. 

Christina's personal, academic, and professional experiences have prepared her to be an effective leader, listener, and advocate for students, teachers and staff. With her real world understanding of the unique needs and innovative approaches required to rebuild a large urban school district, especially within Ohio and Columbus, Christina is ready to bring her passion and skills to the Columbus City School Board. She will encourage educators and community members to work together in collaboration to drive the success of our students and schools. Together we can create the change our kids need and deserve. 

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