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"Hello, I am  Christina Vera and I am running for Columbus City School Board. As a resident of Columbus, a CCS alumna, and the mother of CCS students, I have seen and understand the need for effective change in our district. I’m running because I believe every child in the Columbus City School District deserves a progressive education that will prepare them with the tools, foresight, and support they need to succeed in and outside of the classroom, regardless of their zip code. It’s time for effective leadership that is willing to go the extra mile to advocate for CCS students, parents, teachers, and staff members and put their needs at the forefront. If you're ready for effective change, if you're ready for a community servant that is willing to go the extra mile to produce scalable results that benefit the kids in the Columbus City School district, then today I ask for your vote.


Together, we will create the change our students need and deserve."

    - CVERA

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CCS Teacher

Christina is a refreshing candidate with community driven ideas. As an alumni and parent she's vested in our districts growth and success.


Having a board member that's a parent means alot to me. She understands what we as parents are going through.


It's time for change. Our students deserve more and I have faith that candidate  Vera can and will help to create that change.


A Candidate with a heart & history of serving our community!

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